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Friday 20 May, 2016 | RSS Feed

The ways of Shop operators

One day in 2003, my husband and Dongfeng Road East Garden epidemic prevention station in front of the family wings rented store dressing room, opened a small supermarket. Supermarket shop called "New Century discounters."
I remember that it will open a supermarket just opened, because we do not have a little experience, so we are particularly strange for supermarket goods. "Is this the bag sack Harry rice crust much money?" "This is how much money bags bags custard pie?" "This is how much money bags bag good points?" Asked this sudden price asked my husband and a big mouth. I quickly turned Jinhuo Dan, smile to the customer, said: "The big bag of 3.5 yuan crispy rice bags; bags of custard pie 4.5 yuan; Delicious 2.5 yuan." Customer paid, I put three bags of food packaging bags food installed, the customer carrying away. Remark is not false. And other customers again to my shop to buy something, my husband and I do not have to turn the manifest. The price of every product we have been charged to the head. In the head has a manifest of.
Once everything else Shumenshulu, my husband and I went to the tobacco companies for the "tobacco monopoly retail license." Before long, "tobacco monopoly license" Give us the down payment. Then, the phone is cigarette sales visits. Because it is the first phone sales visits cigarettes, cigarette sales visits when the phone rang, I was somewhat nervous. Due to the tension, there are many cigarette drain booked. Eat a cutting wisdom, when the second phone cigarette sales visits, I have been good to order cigarettes above the list of the book, so there is no leakage of a cigarette provides.
It may be the reason for my first time and cigarette contact with it. When the delivery staff to send cigarettes I ordered cigarettes on the counter, I was intently watching these cigarettes, as if trying to see through them like. And other delivery staff gone, I began to dismantle the entire cigarette put zero box. Because "Lotus King" three words very seductive, so I side split side earnestly looked up: "Lotus King" purchase price of 208 yuan, the retail price of 230 yuan; tar 11mg; belongs to a class of cigarettes. Its slogan is: "Chinese treasure, a king Wife." Then I opened a "soft cloud," soft "Yuxi", 7 yuan, "Double Happiness", 6 yuan, "Double Happiness" ...... Wow, breath demolished so many cigarettes, the purchase price and the retail price charged to all my mind.
"Give me a pack of 'Lotus King'." Followed the sound came a middle-aged man. I said: "a pack of 23 yuan." The middle-aged man holding a paid smoke away. Just speak the occasion, a customer came in,. "Give me a pack of 'Redwood'" I said: "20 dollars a pack." A customer came along and said: "Give me a pack of 'blue Baisha . ''. "10 dollars a bag" and these customers are gone, her husband said: "you really OK, so much about the price of cigarettes have to remember, but also no less." I said: "no matter do something, as long as you do and do not do not do.

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