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Wednesday 18 May, 2016 | RSS Feed

Cigarette Lingshou Hu to learn to praise customer

One day, I took to the streets to buy clothes. He walked into a clothing store fancy a jacket, asked about price, and later tried it quite fit. To be honest, I prefer to play my heart that jacket, good fabrics, exquisite workmanship, fashionable, but do not like the brown and gray, and he was hesitating a moment undecided. Is being hesitation, my boss probably figure out the psychological, sure I sort of like it, are not satisfied. Then smiling authentic: "Great guy, this jacket is very good for you, prices are moderate, like you wear body effect must be good, do not believe you to try." I took the words: "It should be said that this is good for clothing styles can also, but color is not good, "the boss immediately smiled and said:." Oh, brother looks so cool, no matter what color of clothes to wear very nice thing, especially if you wear this brown ash even more spiritual way, do not believe her brother wear to the body, to the front of the mirror according to a photo carefully. "I listened to boast such a boss, and my heart really a little smug, and again went to the front of the mirror to wear according to the photo. Hey, something strange, I feel really good too! So plunked money, that money will be appropriated jacket. To tell the truth, but for the time that the boss praise me, guess I'll give up. Because timely praise the boss, so I gave up hesitation, from the heart to embrace the original I do not like the color. In fact, both children and adults everyone has pride and vanity, when they heard someone praise you, you will feel someone cares about you, respect you, and my heart certainly sweet honey. Therefore I think we Lingshou Hu in the usual retail operations, we must learn to use some of the "rhetoric" to win over customers, with some "sweet" to the praise of customers. Timely customer praise just right, it will definitely please customers, impress customers, but also will attract customers to buy. So as a customer Lingshou Hu how to praise it? I thought I could take the opportunity to consider the following aspects:
When recommending new boast
Let's say a well-dressed, steady gait, hairstyle stress man came into the shop to buy cigarettes. If he chooses is generally low when the cigarette case, then we may wish to Lingshou Hu praised him: "Where is the big brother to see your fortune it is to have the identity of people, in my opinion Brother pumping XX grade? YY or smoke, can revel in your gentleman ah! "this concise praise, sometimes shocking customer is bound to cause the soul, perhaps they will think about it then I recommend indeed it seems to have some truth, maybe it will heart, change we recommend him to buy Lingshou Hu's new cigarette.

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