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Ways of sale cigarettes

Impression 3: Buy happy
Let your customers satisfied with the service is an effective way to keep them. Let the customer satisfaction, it is necessary to provide caring services for them, so that they feel you all the time for them to consider only their own interests rather than the owner, the owner must learn how the wind blows smoking hotel. Xiao Bian visited during a smoking hotel owner Wang Xiao Bian to tell, there is a new customer to the store, look at the product has been at the counter, watching the way he hesitated, Wang boss told him to go home feeling that if wine are not satisfied, can be returned, so he promised to hear, who have been hesitant to hurry out and buy a bottle of wine, which know, after a day, the customer again, said friends drink wine XX, so Wang boss did not hesitate, very happy to give him another change. Customers are very satisfied, not only become loyal customers shop owner Wang also recommend to their relatives and friends, and often bring people to the store shopping. And brought the king said most assured shopping store boss, because he has a profound experience in this regard.
Impression 4: buy comfortable
General entered the store customers will quickly see your product on display, and then gradually they are interested in products before deciding to buy, their hearts will have such a concern: whether the price of the commodity is reasonable, whether the quality of the product clearance and so on. So, faced with these customers, we must promptly stepped forward to introduce them to the product price, selling and preferential terms, and so on. In the introduction process, to take the trouble, and to detail, because this type of customer there is great uncertainty in the purchase process, once the doubts, it is easy to make the business fails. For example, a few days ago to the Lao Gao smoking hotel wine a number of new products, the series is very wide, and there are promotions, there is a customer order is purely to watch, but when he Lao Gao to introduce new product features and offers and on-site tasting, the customer did not hesitate to go out and buy a bottle. He said the new product, the price concessions, drinking taste good, buy taste fresh. Smoking hotel in order to seize opportunities, evidently, not their brains are not yo.
Impression 5: buy the rest assured
In fact, the most important thing smoking hotel product quality problems, a price of a stock, do not think of profits, only a business, so do not give long-term development of your store bring any benefits. If the first sale of the product problems, and you do not promptly resolved or service and poor attitude, then who will then come to your store to buy things yet. Product quality, but off, and that even if you have a better ability to sell and how customers see their own hard-earned money to spend to get the goods, rather than listening to your nonsense over there, so I want to win more repeat customers, in do the above points must also ensure the quality of their goods is just a must, precisely, it is to meet your pricing.

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